How to buy in NURIA GRAU

How does the store?


1 »Search Articles

- Shop shows on the left the search items from which you can search for an item . We are also present in the left margin existing sections or categories .


- On the page for each category you will offer or recommend products selected by CRYSTALIA .


- Clicking on an item to access the particular tab of that product with the same details , photograph and the price in euro.


2 º » Add items to your cart

- To add any item to your cart you have to click the link [ buy ] or the icon representing a shopping cart through the window , from the information about the item or the category listing .


- You can always view your cart by clicking on the link [ view basket ] contained in MiniCesta . While browsing through the store always shows MiniCesta you a summary of the status of your basket. Once in the basket can change the units of an item, remove items and view the amount of your order . From the basket to take the step to make the final purchase by clicking on the link [ Submit order ] .


- You can also add items to the basket from your personal area " your orders " reflect area where your data and purchase history .


3 º » Login

- The next step will identify with your email and password if you already CRYSTALIA client or customer complete the form if it is the first time shopping in our store.


Once identified you will see the screen with your billing and shipping amount of items and choose the payment method .

4 º » Finish your order

- After checking that all the details are correct you must click on the [ Checkout ] to give compliance and close the order. Following this will display a screen that tells you the order number assigned to your purchase and other details of the same .


What prices shown include ?


The prices indicated on the website lead including VAT and applicable taxes , shipping cost also in national territory except Canarias .